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  • Benefits
  • Contraindication
Step 1: Sit in Vajrasana. Inhale and raise your hips away from your heels. You are kneeling. Place your hands on your waists.

Step 2: Stretch your left leg out to the left side. Keep sliding your left heel out inch by inch and straighten the back of the knee. Once you reach your maximum stretch, try to rest your left foot and toes on the floor.

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Abdominal region & waist: In this posture the pelvic region is stretched. One side of the abdomen is extended while the other side is laterally flexed. This keeps the abdominal muscles and organs in healthy condition so that it has oxygen rich blood flow. The stretch also tones up your sides and helps you get rid of love handles.

Stiff Back:
The sideways spinal movement will help people suffering from stiff back.

Parighasana works extensively on strengthening ankles. If at all you feel the squeezing effect on the stretched out ankle, then do not keep the toes on the floor. Let, only your heel be on the floor and let it slide further out.

Hamstrings and inner thighs get a good stretch thereby releasing stiffness from the groin.

Parighasasana is recommended for releasing SCIATIC pain.

Frozen Shoulder:
Stretching the arm above your head helps work on frozen shoulders.

Avoid practice of this asana in case of severe BACK & KNEE pain.

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