Bhramari Pranayama
  • Yoga
  • Benefits
  • Contraindication

During the Bhramari practice, a male bee humming sound is created during pooraka (inhalation) and a female bee humming sound is produced during rechaka (exhalation).

Method (Stage 1 Practice)


1.       Sit comfortably in any meditative pose

2.       Calm yourself and empty out all thoughts from your brain

3.       Softly cup your eyes with respective palms

4.       Inhale slowly and deeply

5.       Just before exhaling, block your ears with the thumbs

6.       Exhale slowly, rhythmically and with keen attention to the flow of exhalation

7.       Release the thumb lock from the ear, inhale again and repeat the same process. 

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 Soothing: Bhramari is called “Mood-elevating” Pranayama.” The humming sound is very soothing to the mind and body. Cupping the eyes and blocking the ears helps you remain focused on your own vibrating sound. This vibration calms down your mind and activates your parasympathetic nervous system. Regular practice relieves mental tension and anxiety. Also helps manage anger. If performed before going to bed, helps one get a sound sleep.

Bhramari Rechak is recommended in case of insomnia or any other sleep disorder. Perform this on the bed itself before going to sleep. 


Do not perform Bhramari on a full or heavy stomach. It can be performed both early in the morning and before going to sleep


Why block ears

So that you can listen only to the vibrating sound of yours which helps calm down your mind and body.


Humming sound is like elongating the ‘M’ sound of AUM

You will realize that the humming sound is the same as the ‘UM’ sound of syllable ‘AUM’



Avoid in case of any nose or throat related problems. Also, avoid in case of septum deviation (DNS) Deviated septum.

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