Badha Konasana (Cobbler’s Pose)
  • Yoga
  • Benefits
  • Contraindication

Step 1: Sit in Dandasana with your legs straight in front; keep your spine straight and neutral and hands by the side of your body.

Step 2:
Bend both the knees with your feet on the floor; drop both the knees sideways on the floor (right knee to the right and left knee to the left) so that outer side of the knees are resting on the floor or is close to the floor; the soles of the feet are touching each other as if doing Namaste with your feet; the legs will be in diamond shape; try and get the heels close to your body.

Step 3:
Make a circle of the belt; use it in such a way that it wraps around your lower back and the joined feet.

Step 4:
Put a bolster at the back and lie down on that; be there for 5-10 minutes; you can also do the whole process without using the belt.

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Back muscles get good stretch and massage; pelvic area gets plentiful blood supply; tension and stiffness in the hamstring muscles are released; opens up groin which has a tendency to become tight as we age; reduces urinary infection.

Recommended for Sciatica

Therapeutic for flat feet, high blood pressure, infertility, and asthma

Consistent practice of this pose until late into pregnancy is said to help ease childbirth.


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