Marichayasana (spinal twist using a chair)
  • Yoga
  • Benefits
  • Contraindication

Step 1: Sit on a handle less chair comfortably with your hands by the side of your body; legs should be resting on the floor (in case your legs are off the floor, take some support to rest your legs).

Step 2:
Exhale and while exhaling, rotate upper part of your body to the right; right arm is moving to the upper edge of the chair and left arm is moving towards your right knee, slowly slide your right elbow to the other end of the upper edge of the chair; place your left hand at the right side of the hip now; keep your spine straight; both the shoulders should be in one line as much as possible; exhale and while exhaling, turn your head to the right; you are looking over your right shoulder; each movement should take place with exhalation; hold the position for half a minute with normal breathing; release and move to the other side.

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Lower back and the whole spine gets a twisting effect; one can immediately feel refreshed with this posture; reduces sluggishness from the waist; improves respiration.

Each movement should take place slowly and without any jerk; move to the point you will good stretch; do not strain your back.

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