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Step 1: Stand straight in Tadasana with legs together or a foot apart as per your comfort; feet and knee should be parallel to each other and face the front.

Step 2: Inhale and while inhaling, raise your arms above your head; both the palms are facing the front; lengthen your spine with inhalation while pressing your feet firmly on the floor.

Step 3: Exhale and while exhaling, start bending forward while looking up at the ceiling; your hips are protruding out, abdominal region is tucked in and lengthened; chest is stretched out; bend forward until upper part of your body is parallel to the floor; trunk and hands are parallel to the floor; your head is in between your arms; you are looking at the floor; keep your back concave; hold this position for half a minute with normal breathing; inhale and while inhaling raise your arms up and relax.

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This asana will give a very good relaxation to your lower back especially after performing Ardha Chakrasana.

Be careful to bend forward slowly and without any jerk; also maintain the stretch of your torso and hips so that lower back is free from any pressure.

Be careful in case of back pain; keep your knees soft and bend forward.

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