Anantasana (Side Reclining Leg Lift)
  • Yoga
  • Benefits
  • Contraindication

Step 1: Lie down on the left side of your body with your head resting on your left biceps; bend your left elbow (left elbow is resting on the floor); place your head on the left palm; bent arm is sort of making a triangle shape; keep the whole body stretched in one line as much as possible; right hand is resting on the floor in front of your body.

Step 2: Inhale and while inhaling, raise your right leg up sideways towards the ceiling without bending at the knee.

Step 3: Hold the right toe by wrapping index and middle fingers around big toe and locking it with your right thumb; if you are not able to hold your right toe, hold any part of your right leg you are comfortable with; you may also use a belt around your right ankle; keep your body stretched from all the directions; hold the posture for 20-30 seconds with normal breathing; slowly lower your right leg down with exhalation; repeat 5-10 times; perform the same sequence in the other side with the left leg.

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Relieves backache; stretches hamstring muscle; stretches side of the neck

Prevents development of Hernia

Tones up Hamstring muscles, back of the legs and sides of the torso.

Avoid in case of severe back pain.
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