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200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher’s Training Course

Teacher Training Program 11This Teacher’s Training Course is organized by Shammi’s Yogalaya in the line with ‘Yoga Alliance’ syllabus. Yoga Alliance Certification is a Global Certification and is recognized all over the World. The aim of this course is to guide yoga enthusiasts / practitioners and teachers to transform them into an excellent Yoga Educationists with firm foundation, so that, they can transfer their passion for Yoga to this World.


We would cover four subjects under 200 hours.

1. Yoga Philosophy

The main emphasis will be on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra wherein we will cover some important sutras with in depth understanding. There would be teachings on Mudra, Panch kosha, Panch Tatva, Sankhya Philosophy etc.

2. Anatomy Physiology & Kinesiology

Understanding Anatomy and Kinesiology (with three dimensional videos) with special emphasis on muscular system & skeletal system while connecting it with Yoga practice as well as Yoga Therapy.

3. Mitahar

Nutritional Education on the line of ‘Natural Living’ and ‘Naturopathy’

Unlike other Yoga Schools, we cover nutrition in details with special emphasis on cooking while retaining the optimal nutritional values. We will have kitchen visit during this period to let you have hands on experience on oil-free cooking.

4. Practical

Rigorous practice in asana, breathing, pranayama & kriyas. The asana will have the foundational base of Iyengar system and you will have a decent exposure to props usage along with thorough understanding of alignment, sequencing & precision.

The Teachers

The teachers conducting this course have an experience of more than 15 years as practitioners as well as teachers. They have been teaching Yoga, in its diversity, to touch upon various aspects of life and have had positive outcomes.


The tentative starting date of the course is September 18, 2019, wherein, we will have regular classes for 5 weeks. The course is expected to get over on October 18, 2019. There would be a break of approximately 3-4 weeks for exam preparation. Those keen to finish exam immediately after 5 weeks, can do so. During this break, one is allowed attending the regular yoga sessions and will be scheduled to assist the senior teachers during the class to get hands-on experience.

On completion of the course, an examination is conducted. The students who pass the exam successfully would be awarded a teaching certificate and can teach all age groups. Students may then apply for their registration with Yoga Alliance.

After the Course

You would be provided an opportunity to assist and conduct classes for one month at Shammi’s Yogalaya. We will try and place you for teacher’s position after the course depending on your expertise and requirement of the teachers.


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