Your SURYATHON practice plan for International Yoga Day, June 21

Your practice plan for International Yoga Day, June 21.

There are three goals. Choose the one for you!!

1) 216 Suryanamaskar in 1 hour

2) 108 Suryanamaskar in half an hour &

3) 54 Suryanamaskar in 15 minutes

The top row consists of the dates in the month of June, 2020. The rows below have number of Suryanamaskars, which you will need to perform on that particular date as per your goal. While performing, take a short video of your Suryanamaskar, post it on social media with the number you performed and the time taken to perform that and tag @shammisyogalaya and #yogawithshammi

Feel free to tag your friends and family members, whom you think, would be capable of performing Surayathon.

I am also attaching 4 sets of Suryanamaskar Counts in this blog i.e.

1) Preforming 1 Suryanamaskar in 24 seconds

2) Performing 1 Suryanamaskar in 18 seconds

3) Performing 1 Suryanamaskar in 15 seconds 

4) Performing 1 Suryanamaskar in 12 seconds 

Check the combinations as per your comfort. The exact combinations of counts for the target Suryathon would be published on 20th June. We are going to perform it together on June 21, 2020 at 7 am IST.

The Suryanamaskar video is also given down in case you want to learn it properly.

How to do Suryanamaskar ll Sun Salutation ll Weight Loss

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