501 Suryanamaskar Challenge

A Suryanamaskar Marathon like never before…

The 501 Suryanamaskar Challenge

An attempt to promote Health through Suryanamaskar, wherein, we will prepare the participants to transcend beyond their prevailing range of capacity in a systematic manner, so that they can experience the best of themselves in terms of mental, physical, emotional, psychological & spiritual wellbeing.


To have the stamina and grit to be able to perform 501 Suryanamaskar on International Yoga Day on June 21, 2022.

Why Should I enroll for this?

A healthy lifestyle is everyone’s birth right. The innumerable deaths that have occurred due to covid have only reaffirmed the criticality of a wholesome wellness and building immunity.

This is a humble attempt to help you restore the immunity, the strength, the energy, which you had but have been left behind, in pursuance of other priorities of life. Preparing & performing together makes this seemingly illusive target achievable.

You would also achieve:

  • A strong, toned up and lean body

  • An unsurpassable energy & agility

  • Will boost your immunity

  • Your cardiovascular health will flourish

  • Hypothyroid patient will benefit immensely from this

  • Diabetes would be brought under control

  • Sleep quality would improve

  • Functioning of all the systems especially nervous system will improve

  • Laziness will take a back seat

Who can attend?

Anyone who does not have any major joint problems, heart problems or severe health issues. The training is progressive in nature, and one will need to push only slightly beyond their current capacity. The 5-month training module would ensure your preparedness for the same.

Why 501?

The 501 is just a number! Shammi’s Yogalaya Foundation is promoting Suryanamaskar from the time when crossing even 20 suryanamaskars  seemed to be an unsurmountable obstacle. Most of my students do perform 200, 300, 500 and also 1021 Suryanamaskars regularly.

With increasing awareness of Suryanamaskar practice, 108 suryanamaskars or 216 suryanaskars have become an easy target. Therefore, performing 501 Suryanamaskars would help you realize your unrealized potential.

What if I cannot complete 501 Suryanamaskar Challenge?

If you are not able to reach 501 Suryanamaskar Challenge for some reason, even reaching 40- 50% would be an achievement in itself

The Preparation

The aim is to practice 4 times a week, in which two days would be done with us and the other two days, you would be given a plan to practice on your own.

So, if Day 1 is done with us, Day 2 will be done on your own, Day 3 again with us and so on and so forth.

We will go live with you for the practice. It would be a good idea to join us live and sync your practice with ours. For some reason, if you are not able to join live, the video would be available to practice as per your convenience.

Can someone join later?

Yes, but their regimen would be tweaked to ensure that they are prepared to take the challenge head on by June 21, 2022.

How to register?

Kindly make the payment using the relevant payment option. Registration fees is Rs. 501 for Indian residents and $ 20 for those residing outside India. Please note, a part of the payment will go to organizations working towards the upliftment of Women in India.

Payment Options:

1. Bank details- HDFC BANK –

Name- Shammis Yogalaya
Account No- 50200006715186
Hiranandani Business Park Powai Mumbai -400076
IFSC: HDFC0000239

2.  Google Pay : +91 9821775525

3. Payment through Zelle:

Name: Vedant Kothari
Email id: vedantkothari21@gmail.com
Phone no: 912-228-0798

4. Payment through Venmo:

Phone no: 912-228-0798

Certification at the end of completion of the challenge

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