Ashwini Mudra

Ashwini Mudra

Horse + Gesture

The Attitude of the Horse

Chakra Activation: Mooldhara

Preparatory practice of Moolbandh

This practice mirrors the movement of a Horse’s Anal Sphincter, which takes place immediately after the horse has excreted and emptied its bowels.

When to perform Ashwini Mudra?

  • Ashwini Mudra can be performed while performing any asana, during the pranayama practice or while meditating.
  • It should definitely be performed during Sarvanagasana (shoulder stand) for receiving its optimal benefits.

Methodnamaste at yoga by the bay

Rapid Contraction

  1. Assume a comfortable sitting posture or a meditative posture
  2. Center your body and calm your breath down
  3. Do a few rounds of deep breathing
  4. Now, move your attention to your anal
  5. Try to focus on that area for a few seconds so that you can feel the sensations of that area
  6. Synchronize your inhalation and exhalation with the in and out movement of your anus.
  7. You have begun to contract and relax your anal region with each inhalation and exhalation respectively
  8. Once you get into the rhythm, make the contractions more rapid
  9. The flow should be smooth and in a synchronized beat
  10. Perform 10-20 rounds of contraction and relax
  11. To start with perform 2 rounds of 10-15 contraction and gradually increase the rounds
  12. Ensure you do not strain any of your senses and especially the anal sphincter

Ashwinin Mudra with Antar Kumbhak

Once you are aware of Ashwini Mudra, perform the same during Antar Kumbhak (internal breath retention)

  1. Assume a meditative posture or a sitting posture, as per your comfort
  2. Settle down in your posture and calm your breath
  3. Perform a few rounds of rapid contraction at the anal sphincter to activate that area as done in the‘Rapid Contraction’ section
  4. Relax
  5. Inhale deeply; in the process of inhalation, begin to contract your anal region
  6. Retain your breath as well as contracted hold on the anal region
  7. Exhale and simultaneously release the contraction of anus
  8. Perform few rounds (3-5) to understand the engagement of movement and breath
  9. Do not strain or lock your glottis (which generally happens when you are new to practice).


During inhalation, begin to inhale from your anus itself; engagement would be easy


On Pranic Level

  • Arrests the lower pranic energy
  • Stimulates lower chakra so that upper chakras can be easily activated
  • It’s a preparatory practice for perfecting your practice in Moolabandh and Mooldhara Chakra

On Ailment Level

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is a common problem especially among women. It is caused by weak pelvic muscles and the weak supporting connective tissues, which fail in performing their task to the fullest – leading to Urinary and Fecal incontinence, Prolapse of pelvic organs, Defecation problems, Sexual difficulties etc.
  • Ashwini Mudra strengthens the anal muscles and works as a part of Pelvic Floor Exercises and is recommended for many Pelvic Dysfunctions
  • A great practice during pregnancy to prepare you for delivery as well as post pregnancy to strengthen and tighten the pelvic muscles

Premature Ejaculation

  • Ashwini Mudra, when combined with a few more practices, can prove to be blessing in marital life as it helps in controlling Premature Ejaculation.

Constipation & Piles

  • Weak anal muscles are closely associated with constipation and piles (hemorrhoids). Regular practice alleviates constipation and helps deal with Piles. The practice of Ashwini Mudra activates the anal region which is a place for accumulation of blood in case of piles. Perform it with Sarvangasana so that release becomes easier due to inversion position.

Prolapse of anus or Rectum

  • Performing Ashwini Mudra in Sarvangasana helps deal with this problem.


  • Anyone with High BP or heart disease should only perform rapid contraction and not breath retention
  • Avoid in case of Anal Fistula