Controlling High BP with YOGA

I sat him down comfortably and started him off on basic breathing exercises. We commenced with ‘AUM’ chanting, followed by Chandrabhedan breathing, Ujjayi breathing, Nadi Shodhan Kriya and concluded with Bhramari Rechak. We ended the session with 10 rounds of ‘AUM’ chanting.

Upon taking his BP after the session, his BP was down to 145/80. Both of us sighed with relief. His BP at the time of writing this blog is 139/68

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Detoxify First, Work out later…The Yogic Way with Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana

New Year – the time of the year, Every Year, when we witness maximum number of people hitting gyms or using different modalities to workout. The simple reason being, “The New Year Resolution” to become fit, after gorging excessively on unhealthy food. No doubt, this is a logical decision. What they miss, in this process, is the importance of “DETOXIFICATION” – cleansing of different parts of the body – thereby preparing the body to get optimal benefit of the new exercise regime.

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