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I joined because I wanted to do a month of intensive yoga. Having been with Shammi for a year my expectations were high. The course exceeded my expectations. It was wholesome. From the minute you woke up to the end of day there was a way of life that you got inducted into. From kriyas to pranayama to asanas… Each aspect played a part in the course and I learnt to appreciate it’s role.

It was well sculpted. There was a map, a pattern, a thought process to each thing we did and I think we all felt it by week 3. My body could do so much more without feeling tired. I were coping better without feeling that I had been pushed to some impossible extent in the first two weeks. It was within reach yet expanding my limits. Every class was meticulous in structure. I really appreciate the thought put into it.

This course really helped me get yoga into my life instead of it being a thrice a week activity, forgotten the rest of the time. I felt like I was living, breathing, thinking a yogic (loosely used) way of life much more. I feel better, stronger and more in sync with my body – what more can I ask for. And I wanted to only do good for my body.

Going forward I hope to grow yoga in my life. And I’m going to ensure Shammi is always a part of it. 🙂 Thank you Shammi.



The “Sculpted you VII “was one of the most amazing experiences I had in my life. The teachings benefited me in more than many ways. You continue motivation and appreciation we’re helpful in Discovering my own potential, increase in strength and stamina building. Learning to “ slow down “ was a bigger achievement for me ,not only it helped me getting a correct posture but otherwise slowing down in life in general becoming “ patient “ and leaving space for lot of introspection on internal well-being .

A heartfelt gratitude to Shammi , Chanda and the fellow members practicing along with me for their support and encouragement. Looking forward for more such programs.
Love and regards, Amisha T Shah




This was the very first time ,I enrolled myself for a course like Sculpted You which is a 21days program that is amazingly comprehensive and holistically designed by Shammi to transform our lives through Yogic applications! First time I met Shammi, I became her fan and was sure that I wanted to be her student someday! This course and Shammi’s personalized attention has enhanced my way of life in numerous ways.

I really appreciate Shammi’s depth of knowledge, her clarity, her commitment and her experience, be it any kind of physical pain/ mental stress or any kind of discomfort, she has a solution for EVERYTHING!

Daily Pranayama and kriyas are so energizing and asanas made us aware of correct muscle and bone involvement. I never knew I could do Yogic Kriyas like Vaman or Jal Neti nor did I ever think that I ll be able to do 218 Suryanamaskars at a stretch. The progression of these skills was so smooth and natural that I didn’t realize that I was becoming strong physically and mentally as well!

Shammi’s team members were also so helpful and knowledgeable. Rajshree was our nutritionist who helped us in improving our eating habits. She made us understand the importance of eating right food at the right time in right quantity!

Chanda, another super strong yoga teacher, helped us in strengthening our muscles effectively. Her classes made us push our physical and mental boundaries and believe in ourselves every single time.

By the end of this course, Shammi makes sure that we, individually see the difference in ourselves by doing a post course assessment of every part of our body, body mass index and fat substance. To our surprise, each one of us were so happy with the results this course had on us!

Shammi is the reason that I have become more mindful, have started becoming more passionate about Yoga now! A big Thank you to Shammi and her team!



Hi Shammi …
Just writing this at the end of an amazing 3 weeks sculpt you program . Knowing Shammi .. knew she would push me and was so looking forward to it .. and today I can say never has any program so subtly changed so much inside me and of course on the outside too..

At the beginning could barely make it through the day as the body was getting used to the daily stretches…but Shammi’s gentle but firm encouragement and constant motivation on the group.. got me waking up each day at 4..ignoring the pain.. taking a freaking cold shower and showing up at 5.45..every single day…and as she said.. that was all I had to do.. the program took care of the rest… Slowly as the body adapted to the asanas, the stretches the experience changed from pain to a kind of “meetha dard” a sweet ache that comes from pushing the limits of your body and seeing it adapt faster than u can think..

Another valuable takeaway was the introduction of kriyas in the practice..right from kalpalbhati to Surya bhedan to the bandhas to practices like jalneti,laghoo shankprasalan to vaman were an amazing experience which I have now gotten addicted to.

Would also like to mention the contribution of Rajashree and Chanda.. Rajashree for her amazingly insightful tips on the diets and coaxing me to do the impossible…leave my morning coffee.. Chanda for those amazing workout sessions where she filled in for Shammi with the same intensity and dedication and her secret recipe of the cooler she made.. which she still hasn’t shared on the group…

And the highlight of the session was the last day where we did close to 217 surya namaskaars.. an impossible feat if you would have asked me 21 days earlier. it was only Shammi’s confidence in us that pulled us through. when she said..” I know you guys are ready ” with so much conviction wanted to do it for her and actually managed to… That was the highlight of the program for me. Thank you Shammi, Chanda and Rajashree for the amazing program and getting me addicted to yoga forever and sculpting me from inside out.


Doing the sculpt class was a totally new experience something that one can’t get from a regular yoga class. Shammi has put in a lot of effort to make each class very interesting and challenging at the same time. I used to actually look forward to waking up at 4 am and driving all the way from Worli every day at 5 am for a 5.45 am class (no kidding and I would do it again 😊) . The deep stretch class on Saturdays was simply amazing and I regularly follow the morning kriyas even after finishing the course. The course is worth it.



Hello Shammi,

The experience with “Sculpted You” program has been more than extraordinary !

All activities, yoga knowledge, food guidance, Kriya techniques and program schedule was only possible because of your gentle push.

For me personally, this has opened a completely new door. As my family was pushing me to enrol in any Yoga classes, I came across your program on a random search. On the orientation day, your main room was  filled with people an  followed by personal talk with you, I jump the ship.

Honestly, the first few days were very tough as I never coup up with such focused program before. Followed by your constant push to keep going, gave the daily confidence boost.

I have never done Surya Namaskar in my life, though saw my family doing the same. I though it impossible. I have never done any Kriya in my life but I was so amazed to feel so light after Jalneti and Laghoo Sakhprakshalan. You showed the way to combine Yoga in most seamless way with medical science solutions for Thyroid, weightloss, daily discipline and even Pranayam technique. In my entire life I have never done activities on days of period. But the last day I took up strength and did 110 Surya Namaskar at home that too on second day of monthly cycle. It was worth sweating out !

Overall – Its all smiles with lots of discipline to follow every day. I am all eyes for maintenance plan you will share to follow the same.

Thank you for love, care, support and “pushing” ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Regards, Monali


Hi Shammi,

Here’s what I have to say about the last 21 days. Look forward to learn more 🙂

“Sculpted you was the best start I have given to my new year in a long time and it has given me a head start and the right direction for 2019 to become fitter and disciplined.
The first week of suryanamaskars and core exercises shattered my assumption that I could do yoga because I had done it in school.

I realized that my strength and my stamina was much lower than what it was before and it was a tough realization. Even though I felt this I must say every single day after our session I felt more refreshed (this was the end of day after work) and happier.
In the following weeks I saw the change in my workout  with a steady increase in the number of suryanamaskars, holding the positions and just faring better overall.
With a good initial download on dietary habits we should adopt, cleansing practices to do weekly and all the other participants and their vigor throughout the course enabled me to give my best as well.

I am so glad I was part of this. The daily routine we were told to follow in our diet, our morning practices has become a daily part of life.

I can see physical changes in terms of getting rid of the bloating, losing weight, feeling fitter, people commenting on the glow on my face to simply feeling great about pushing your limits little by little daily and getting a sense of achievement.

The course is very well planned, conducted with utmost professionalism and timely well thought out activities. It is more than a work out and about more than just losing weight. It’s given me the discipline to aim for a healthier lifestyle on a daily basis and realize the full potential of my body and mind. “




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