Ganesh Mudra

Ganesh Mudra, also known as Ganapa Mudra -Agragami Mudra, is named after the Hindu deity, Ganesha. In Hindu Culture, the elephant headed God -Ganesh is always worshipped first before commencement of any new task as it is believed that he removes all the obstacles from one’s path so that the journey forward becomes free of all obstacles.

“According to the Ganapati Upanishad, Lord Ganesha appeared even before the creation of nature (prakriti) and consciousness (purusha). This is an important link as to why Lord Ganesha is worshiped before beginning any task. According to this scriptures, Lord Ganesha is eternal and he appeared even before the process of creation.”

Practicing this mudra on a regular basis, 4-5 times a day, will help one conquer any barrier, boost strength and self-confidence.


  1. Assume a meditative sitting position with the spine in a neutral position; this can be performed on a chair as well
  2. Stretch your arms out, fold your elbows and hook your right-hand fingers with your left-hand fingers
  3. The left hand is close to the chest, the left palm facing out and the right palm is facing the left palm
  4. Hooking is done by clasping the four left fingers with the four right fingers (thumbs are stretched independently)
  5. Hand is positioned at the center of the chest, close to the Anahata Chakra
  6. Once the grasp is firm and secure, exhale and start pulling your elbows apart in opposite directions
  7. The chest will broaden out and shoulder blades will come closer to each other
  8. Use as much power as you can to keep your elbows apart without straining your breath; hold the position for few seconds and release with inhalation
  9. Repeat six times
  10. Change the positioning of the hands by bringing right hand closer to the chest and the left hand away from the chest and repeat equal number of times


  1. You will feel an activation of the area in and around your shoulders and your upper arms. Basically, on the physical level, you are working on stretching and strengthening those specific areas, which tend to become weak due to our postural misalignment
  2. Ganesh Mudra activates ‘Anhata (Heart) Chakra’ and helps one evolve with warmth and love
  3. Cardiac Muscles get a very good massage
  4. Detoxification of any problems associated with the heart region such as cholesterol blockages, depression etc. can be experienced
  5. Ganesh Mudra is connected with the ‘Fire’ element, and thereby is instrumental in stimulating metabolism and digestion
  6. This mudra is popular for boosting confidence and releasing stress


  1. Do not hold your breath
  2. Do not strain your neck by pushing your head forward