hatha yoga pradipika

Yogic Tongue Lock

The attitude of dwelling in Supreme Consciousness The Yogi who remains with the tongue going upwards for even half a second is freed from toxins, disease, death, old age, etc…… Hath Yoga Pradipika Khechari Mudra, popularly known as ‘Tongue Lock’ is an integral part of Hatha Yoga Practice. As the name indicates, the tongue is …

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The पद्मासन (Padmasana) – The Destroyer of Diseases

“Ordinary people cannot achieve Padmasana, only few wise ones can.” – Yogi Swatmarama Also known as Kamlasana or cross- legged position, this posture not only depicts the form of a bloomed lotus but  reminds us of its unique characteristic of being able to float through one’s life ‘untouched’ no matter what kind of filth one …

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