Devyani PuriDear Shammi,

This Sculpted You was about the Fourth Time I have joined this holistic development program at Shammi’s Yogalaya, so I am very well versed with the benefits it comes with as I have experienced it myself.

However, this time my experience was very different from the previous times. You and I were well aware that my attendance and participation will only be a fraction of that of the rest of the group, but we decided on it anyway. And I can’t emphasize it enough, but without your support in the past years I would hardly be the person I am today! 😊

Being Newly married comes with a hectic routine, scarce work-life balance, disrupted schedules and new eating patterns. So this time I used Sculpted You as my Happy Place. I would come, vent, work out and be a new person again. While I may not have lost considerable weight as part of the program, I was able to regain my consciousness with regards to my health in a new household.

The simple but important things like mindful eating, yogic breathing, daily workout and self discipline go for a toss when you have taken on a new life, and Scuplted You was a constant reminder that no matter what, my health takes priority and the rest will always fall in place.

I have first hand seen people just ‘Let Go’ of their under the title of being married and by the time they regain consciousness, the damage is almost always done. The simple confidence of falling back into my body’s routine is the gift Sculpted You has given me, and at the moment I feel that’s half the battle won! 😁

Thank you Shammi! And I truly Love you 😘

Devyani Puri

Kaushik Katty Roy 1Hello fellow yogis and yoginis, forgive me if this post runs a bit too long. I have a few confessions to make and a realization to share.

Like everyone else, I too joined this program with some specific intentions – of being trimmer, fitter, more energetic and so on. And now with the program behind me, when I have the opportunity to review it, I realise that Sculpted You also had an intention. And it was bigger than mine, yet inclusive of all my goals. Let me explain.

For most of us, yoga is a twice or thrice a week thing. And I must confess that every time I roll my mat and put it away, yoga too disappears from my head. A kind of ‘roll it, shut it, forget it’ phenomenon happens. But Sculpted You didn’t allow that luxury.

7 days a week, and several times every day, I was involved in some yogic activity or another. For these 3 weeks, yoga became a continuum for me, like breathing. And I got a taste of what it feels like to be ‘yukt’.

According to a school of yoga, there are 4 phases in the pursuit of yoga – Practice, Sadhana, Lifestyle and then the fourth phase, in which they say, one exhibits yogic qualities even in one’s sleep. That’s how deeply embedded in yoga the sadhak becomes.

I think Sculpted You took me from mere Practice to Sadhana and now encourages me to make yoga a part of my Lifestyle. That, I believe, is the program’s intent, which is much larger than my small selfish goals. I also believe that small goals are automatically fulfilled, almost as a by-product, if one can make yoga a part of lifestyle.

This is my key learning and also my resolve – to continue to be yukt, now that the program is over.

If you’re wondering where you stand, I invite you to do a small thought experiment. Ask yourself on Monday whether you feel relief or a void. If it’s a void, congratulations, you are already more yukt than you think you are. And going by the vibes I’ve felt in the classes, I’m pretty certain that everyone will feel the void over the relief.

The obvious question at this point is, even with the best of intentions can one continue, unsupervised? I believe the answer is yes, and that’s the beauty of the program structure. There’s a lot of it that can be done by oneself, without supervision. The basic breathing exercises, the kriyas, the suryanamaskars, if nothing else. And the simplicity and sustainability of the nutrition guidelines also complement the program brilliantly. So, all in all, Sculpted You seems to be designed to help me carry on.

Having walked a few hand-held steps on the journey towards well-being, the program now urges me to walk on.

Which brings me to our teacher. There are various definitions of a good teacher – one who understands the potential of the student, one who leads by example, one who inspires. In Shammi, all of these qualities converge, and then some. I’ve whatsapped her the weirdest of questions at the oddest of hours, and every single time I’ve got a sharp, clear answer. Like many others, I do better when she’s around. And she pushes just hard enough to make me want to come back for more.

For all this and more, I thank Shammi from … my core 🙂

Review by Kaushik

Nupur Biswas 1Dear Shammi,

This is my second stint with Sculpted You….but I have been learning from you for the past 8 years and the learning will continue for eternity. I have said this a million times but I want to say again…that you are not just a yoga teacher…but you are a magician…a person with a golden heart who touches souls, changes lives and gently pushes people to become better versions of themselves. I have experienced all of the above and I am forever grateful to you and feel so fortunate to have you as my Guru!

That apart, what I loved the most about Sculpted You, is the atmosphere you created. We are all at different stages in our yogic journey, but together each one of us tried to motivate ourselves and each other to go that extra mile. It was an amazing feeling. You made that happen. It’s so heartwarming to see people happy when they achieve something they never thought their body could …until they met you. You inspire us in ways that you cannot even imagine and I cannot do justice to with my words.

Personally for me I feel my greatest achievement this Sculpted You was to be able to sit and do the kapalbhatti, suryabhedan, bhastrika without arms and tratak for as long as we did. I remember last Sculpted You, I would stop mid way…just because I couldn’t sit still with my eyes shut. I would feel restless…but there was a marked improvement this time and I continued the breathing exercises till you asked us to stop. That to me felt great. That to me is one step forward and I can’t thank you enough for it.

I love the way you help, teach, guide and encourage people according to their state of mind, their personality, their physical and emotional strengths and weaknesses. We all have so much to learn from you! Thank you is too small a word to express my gratitude.

Love you Shammi! 🙏🙏Nupur Biswas

Priya Ramtek 1

Dear Shammi – I don’t think I have enough words to describe your trans-formative powers or effect on me! This is because I feel forever indebted to you and my whole being is filled with immense gratitude for the learning you have provided me through the sculpted you program. Being a teacher myself I understand how much heart, soul and meticulous planning you have put into this-it is simply unbelievable and super human 🏆-  I have emerged into a stronger woman, who is more at ease with herself  and confident in mind body and spirit! I am now more aware of myself and me than I ever was !! It’s like a metamorphosis- caterpillar to a butterfly 🙏🙏🙏

Thank you! Priya Ramtek

NidhiI joined the “Sculpt You” program by Shammi’s Yogalaya. The program really helped me in improving my health. One of the parameter that shows that the program was effective was the improvement that i had in TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone – Ultra-sensitive). My results for TSH shows significant improvement from 7.2 to 4.6.  It self explanatory what can this 21 days meticulously designed program can do to your life..

Thanks you Shammi. Nidhi

I was generally sharing with my son that this Sculpted You program has been more like a Meditation for me….
At many a times I felt the state of no pain …just one focal point….as if I can go on and on….

Where my body would have given up way before but I rose above the bodily limitations and in a very peaceful zone where I could experience the Calm in pushing further…I mean to say I was aware that I m going beyond yet some unknown force just kept me going …
I really dun know what I’m writing and I actually cannot capture in words what I have experienced….

Yoga …Meditation.Mind…Body everything just merged into each other…all boundaries shed…..a sense of true soulful liberation

Thank you, Megha Sachdeva

This was my second Sculpted You program and I got every bit as much out of it as the earlier one.

Coming into it, my objective was to get an additional push to shed weight and continue to build on the healthier lifestyle practices that I had imbibed the last time around.

Almost a month later I ended the programme about three kilos lighter, which was lesser than what I had hoped. But what more than made up for that was the significant increase in overall strength, lightness and stamina. Going from doing 60 Suryanamaskars on the first day to 146 on the last was just one obvious outward manifestation of that. But the most vital part of the programme to me was the way it made me look forward to every session despite the gruelling 4 hour drive every day. I never thought I’d ever look forward to driving through Saki Naka every evening!

That the path to be healthy can at the same time be fun and something to look forward to, was a revelation of Sculpted You 5. And for that I will forever be grateful to Shammi – who despite having a motley bunch of people of different fitness levels, kept an eye on each one to ensure we got the maximum out of this programme.

And now, onward to the project of making this experience self-sustainable . . .

Thank you so much Shammi! Kumar Subramaniam

Revathy SreekumarI have been Shammi’s student and a yoga practitioner for almost 5 years now. I was part of the ‘sculpted you’ 4 sessions and the changes I have observed are many. Post my pregnancy, I had not been feeling too fit or healthy in general and this 21 day challenge was perfect to put me back on track. The mix of yoga and Kriyas, the cough due to my nasal drip has decreased at least 60%. My sleep has improved tremendously, my skin feels better and I feel lighter. 

Thank you, Shammi. Revathy Sreekumar

Megha Sachdeva Picture Megha Sachdeva


Megha Sachdeva