Working on making your adductors flexible

Adductor release with legs apart on the wall

One of the simplest ways is to lie down with your hips resting against the wall and your legs up on the wall (Viprit Karni on the wall). Then allow your legs to fall apart and be in that position for 5-10 minutes (you can start with 1-2 minutes). This automatically works on the adductors as well as opening of the hips.

Tips: Press the back of the legs firmly on the wall, slide the heels up and flex the toes in for maximum effect.

Caution: In case, you feel any kind of pain on the inner knees (vastus medialis), it means your inner knees have gone into hyperextension mode. Roll your thighs in consciously and the pain will disappear.

Adductor release with resistance

In order to get slightly more rigorous stretch, assume the same posture as mentioned in no.1, ask your partner to push your thighs apart with their hands. Make sure that you do not hold your breath.  Cooperate with your partner by exhaling deeply. This will optimize the release. To intensify it further, pull your thighs into the groin to activate your inner thighs and then push your legs close to each other while your partner is stretching it apart (opposing forces are active). This will not only make the inner thigh flexible but also strengthen it by working against the resistance.

Adductor release in Upavista Konasana

Sit in Dandasana facing the wall; your legs are stretched out in front with your feet resting against the wall. Now start to slide your legs away from each other while at the same time, try to move your hips, as close as possible, to the wall. Stretch your arms and touch your fingers to the wall; if you are comfortable touching the wall with your fingers, place your palms on the wall; If not too discomforting, start to get your chest closer to the wall. Make sure there is no strain on the inner sides of your knees, which would happen if there is hyperextension in that area. To counter this, roll your thighs in.