Ardha Bhoomi Namanasana


Step 1: Sit in Dandasana with both the legs stretched in front and palms resting by the side of your hips; keeping your hips firm on the floor, press your palms and lengthen your spine up.

 Step 2: Rotate upper part of your body to the right; place both the hands to the right side on the ground close to right hip; now move your right fingers at the back and close to your left hip; press finger tips on the floor; stretch your arms; stretch your spine vertically up; exhale and while exhaling, turn your head to the right and at the back as much as possible; hold the posture for half a minute with normal breathing.

 Step 3: Maintaining the above stretch, move your head to the left side; hold for half a minute with normal breathing; repeat the same sequence on the other side.


  • This asana gives mild twist to spine; neck and arms also get good stretch.


  • Avoid in case of acute back pain at lumbar region