Bhujangasana II (child pose to cobra)


Step 1: Assume Shashankasana pose

Step 2: Pressing your elbows on the floor, inhale and while inhaling, move upper part of the body in Bhujangasana (mentioned above); come on your palms if possible while trying to get your arms straight; (however, do not push too much); hold for 5 seconds with normal breathing.

Step 3: Exhale and while exhaling, come back to Shashankasana / child pose; let your hips roll back slowly and rest down as much as possible on your heels; hold the position with normal breathing for 5 seconds; repeat 5-10 rounds.


Gives good stimulation and relaxation to your back; back gets fresh flow of blood; strengthens your arms; improves respiration; stimulates thyroid and parathyroid glands.


  • You can assume any other comfortable sitting position in case of knee pain instead of Vajrasana and follow from there onward; also avoid this posture in case of arthritis, severe back pain, hypertension and hernia.