Blowing a Balloon

Basically we are using the same technique of Pursed Lip Breathing but are blowing out into a balloon.


  • Keep a few balloons in your pocket.
  • Whenever & wherever, take one balloon, a quick inhalation and exhale slowly and gradually into the balloon to blow it up. Relax. 

Frequency: Blow the balloon up 3-5 times and then discard it. 


  • Respiratory Problem: For Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD, Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • This practice does improve ventilation of the lungs.
  • The air gets trapped in the lungs in case of asthma patients. This practice helps release the trapped air.
  • Longer exhalation activates parasympathetic nervous system and relaxes you.
  • Longer exhalation helps empty the stale air from the lungs thereby allowing new air to enter the lungs. It also makes the inhalation, that follows, better.

Ease of Practice: Can be practiced anytime and anywhere


  • Do not practice after a heavy meal
  • Do not force inhalation & exhalation. Maintain a natural rhythm
  • One diagnosed with COPD should not breathe too deeply