Chandrabhedan Pranayama

In Hatha Yoga, left nostril is associated with our body’s cooling energy, corresponds to the Ida nadi and is symbolized by the characteristics of Moon.  By activating left nostril through Chandrabhedan Pranayama, we imbibe those qualities in us.


Practicing Chandrabhedan pranayama in association with Suryabhedan pranayama brings balance and stability in body and mind. That is exactly what we do when we perform Nadi Sodhan Kriya or Anulom Vilom Pranayama by combining both the nostrils.

  • Parasympathetic Nervous Systems: Practicing Chandrabhedan pranayama activates parasympathetic nervous system and calms  brain nerves. Regular practice helps bring stress, tension and anxiety under control. Helps you deal with confusion, reduces the number of thoughts in your mind. Lessens the excess heat from the body.
  • Insomnia: Has been found effective in case of Insomnia as well
  • Relieves Headache: You can feel your headache dissipating in just a few minutes of practice
  • High Blood Pressure: Goes a long way in controlling high BP
  • Caution: Minimize the practice of Chandrabhedan Pranayama during winter. Also, if your left nostril is predominant most of the time, you may want to minimize the practice of chandrabhedan pranayama.


  • Chandarabhedan brings cooling effect to the body and the mind. Hence, avoid this practice in case of any problem which has the essence of cold such as asthma, cough, bronchitis etc. especially problems associated with respiratory organs.
  • Do not practice if you have low blood pressure
  • Hatha Yoga warns that if Ida / left nostril are awakened, the mind can turn introvert and the body will become lethargic. Hence one needs to be cautious
  • Avoid the practice in case the nostrils are blocked