Half Foetus Pose


Step 1: Assume Ekpada Pawanmuktasana.

Step 2: Release your right hand and move the right bent knee (resting on the chest) to the left side of the body; you are trying to rest the right bent knee on the floor close to the left side of the armpit; hold your right bent knee by wrapping your left hand around that; right hand is resting on the floor sideways to the right.

Step 3: Gradually, turn your head to the right side with exhalation; you should try to rest your upper back especially back of the shoulders on the floor; hold the posture for half a minute or as per your comfort with normal breathing; do as much as possible comfortably without force; repeat the same sequence with your left leg.


  • Gives a good stretch to your lumbar region; stretches your chest and hands; increases your breathing capacity.
  • Also helps in case of frozen shoulder.


  • All the movements should take place smoothly and without any jerk.