Naukasana (boat on abdomen)


Step 1: Lie down on your abdomen; both the arms are stretched in front above your head; stretch your chin on the floor.

Step 2: Inhale and while inhaling, raise both the arms along with your head off the floor (both the arms and head are in one line); simultaneously, raise both the legs off the floor pressing your abdomen on the floor; maintain the balance of the body on the mid-section for half a minute with normal breathing (breathing will be tiresome but try and breath); relax and repeat for 3-4 rounds.

Note: This asana should be followed by Sashankasana / Child Pose.


  • Relieves back ache and neck; strengthens back; improves respiration; stretching neck gives excellent benefits to thyroid and para thyroid glands.


  • Avoid this posture in case of any kind of pain in the lower abdomen caused by ulcers, colitis, appendicitis, hernia etc.; also avoid in case of severe back ache and neck ache; all the movements should be smooth and without any jerk.