Shawasan Marg Sudhhi

(Shawasan = breathing, Marg = passage, Suddhi = cleansing) (A process of cleansing your breathing passage). This is a cleansing process, which is similar to sneezing or blowing.


Step 1: Assume any comfortable sitting position.

Step 2: Keep your body relaxed and spine tall and neutral.

Step 3: We are using right thumb for the right nostril and vice versa. Both the thumbs will be up. Rest of the four fingers is folded softly.

Step 4: Inhale, block the left nostril softly with the left thumb and open the right nostril with the right thumb.

Step 5: Exhale forcefully in a fast rhythm from the right nostril multiple times.

Step 6: As the exhalation is fast and forceful, you will not have much scope for inhalation. You can do approximately 8-15 expulsions with a single inhalation.

Step 7: Once you are done, release both the thumbs, inhale again and repeat the same sequence with the other nostril.

Frequency: Perform 5 rounds from each nostril. You can do it alternatively or you can finish 5 rounds with one nostril and then move to the other nostril.


  • Make sure your mouth is closed and the exhalation is taking place from the nostril only.
  • Keep your facial muscles relaxed and eyes closed during the practice.



A very simple yet crucial result of performing Shwasan Marg Shuddi on a regular basis is a cleansed nasal passage that ensures that the air reaching the lungs is pure and warm especially in today’s world where pollution has become a part of our living.

Respiratory System

  • Improves functioning of the Respiratory System and works toward controlling the problems associated with this system. Also helps improve breathing pattern
  • Asthma: There is lot of sputum formation among asthmatic patients as mucus membranes are on an overdrive. This creates congestion and obstructs the flow of the air resulting in breathing obstruction for the asthma patients. The forceful exhalation clears the nasal passage by releasing the mucus. Regular practice helps control Asthma. This gives an immediate feeling of open passage of the nostril.
  • Bronchitis: The same logic as discussed under Asthma is applicable to this category as well.
  • Blocked Nostril with Mucus: The same logic as discussed under Asthma is applicable to this category as well.
  • Lung Capacity: Regular practice increases lung capacity and vital energy.

Digestive System

  • Abdominal Health: Continuous forceful expulsion increases blood flow to the abdominal region and tones up that area.
  • Digestion: Abdominal massage with rapid expulsion activates Manipura Chakra and helps deal with digestion problem


  • In case of a cold and a completely blocked nostril, avoid the practice. One should also avoid if suffering from any acute disease, septum deviation, polypus, etc.