Tratak (Thumb Gazing)


  1. Sit comfortably
  2. Place your right thumb around 8 to 10 inches in front of your eyes. Rest of the four fingers should be folded softly.
  3. Choose a point on your thumb; glue your eyes softly to that point and gaze at that point for a few seconds.
  4. Begin to move your right thumb to the right side; your eyes should move along with the thumb to the right side as well. It is only an eye movement and the head should not move at all. Move the right thumb as far as your eyes can remain fixed to the chosen point. Pause for few seconds to keep the gaze intact.
  5. Move your right thumb and the eyes fixed to the left side as far as the eyes are comfortably in contact with the chosen point. Pause for a few seconds with deep breathing.
  6. Return to the starting point in the center. Pause for a few seconds; Move your right thumb slowly, along with the gaze close to the tip of your nose. Pause for a few seconds. Move your thumb back to its original position.
  7. Turn your thumb upside down, maintain the gaze and slowly bring it closer to the region in between your eyebrows. Hold for a few seconds.
  8. Go back to the starting position.  Relax your hand and close your eyes.

Here trataks is mostly dynamic in nature. Dynamic tratak takes care of eyes muscles and eye lenses.


  • During all these movements, your eyes and the point of thumb that you have chosen to gaze at, will move together.
  • Keep your eyes as soft as possible
  • Do not blink your eyes
  • You may feel a burning sensation in your eyes and a natural tendency would be to drop your eyelids. One of the reasons for burning sensation could be strain in your eyes. Soften your gaze to eliminate the strain.
  • You might get a slight headache. That could happen due to the deliberate movement of the eyes which are not used to such movements. If you close your eyes for a few seconds, the headache should disappear.


  • Hatha yoga mentions that by performing trataka regularly the eye disorders are cured and the lethargy is overcome.


  • One suffering from hypertension should perform shavasana before performing Tratak
  • Do not rub your eyes immediately after tratak
  • Do not read or watch any form of screen immediately after tratak
  • Do not repeat tratak more than thrice in one sitting