Tripada Marjarasana (Variation of Cat – Cow Pose)


Step 1: Assume kneeling position (both the palms and knees on the floor); palms are in line with the shoulders; knees are in line with the thighs; toes are stretching out.

Step 2: Raise your left leg up so that it is in line with the back and parallel to the floor; look straight so that your head is also in line with the back and parallel to the floor; your spine is vertically stretched; raise your left leg and chest further up thereby creating a concave position at the back.

Step 3: Be there for 10 counts with normal breathing; relax in Shashankasana / Child pose and then repeat in the other side.


  • A fine practice to make the lumbar and neck muscles strong; relieves tiredness of the back and the neck; helps cure backache and neck ache; gives good stretch to the leg muscles.


  • Avoid this posture in case of high Blood Pressure, Migraine and Vertigo.
  • Avoid this posture if you have a knee, wrist, chronic back problem or if you have undergone back surgery or neck pain or neck surgery.