Uttan Vakrasana (Spinal Twisting Pose)


Step 1: Lie down on your back; bend both the knees so that your feet rest on the floor; feet are close to your hips; knees are together or a little apart as per your comfort; both the hands are stretched out sideways in cross position; adjust your lower back by pushing your tail bone towards the heels so that there is no arch or gap at the lower back.

Step 2: Exhale and while exhaling, slowly turn both the knees to right side and simultaneously turn your head to the left side; both the shoulders are pressing against the floor; maintain the stretch at your torso and hold the position for 1 minute with normal breathing; now move the bent knees in the middle with inhalation and then place it to the left side with exhalation; gradually hold the position for 2-3 minutes with normal breathing.

Step 3: As a variation to this, you can also move both the hands to the opposite side of the bent knees.

Step 4: You can also chose to fold your elbows and place both the palms at the back of your head instead of stretching it out.


  • Gives good massage to lumbar region and the whole spine; brings stimulation to pancreas & liver; eliminates undesirable blood around pancreas, liver, kidneys and sex glands; improves lung capacity; relieves the tiredness of the upper extremities, particularly of the spine
  • Placing the palms behind your head helps in case of frozen shoulder and makes your shoulder joints flexible.


  • Avoid in case of enlarged liver & spleen, any spinal problem or acute abdominal pain.