Vaman or Kunjal Kriya


Step 1: Take two liters of lukewarm water

Step 2: Mix salt in the water (approximately 1 teaspoon per liter). There is no hard & fast rule regarding the proportion though (salt water does not get absorbed in the body and helps dissolve the dry mucus and washes it out of the body).

Step 3: Drink 6-7 glasses of the water nonstop without a break. Drinking should be in large gulps rather than sips.

Step 4: In the process, you will not be able to drink more and automatically, the water will get expelled out in a forceful stream or two.

Step 5: In case, it does not get triggered automatically, move to the sink, lean forward a little, press your abdomen and the rest of the water will come out instantly (you can press the abdomen with muscular action by tucking your tummy in or by pressing with hands).

Step 6: If you feel that there is little more water inside, maintain the leaning forward posture with legs apart, use 2-3 fingers (index & middle finger for sure & also ring finger if you feel so), open your mouth wide, place the tip of the fingers at the source of the throat, slightly press it down and then move side to side (be careful of your nails).  This will induce the residual water to gush out.

Step 7: Relax for sometimes in shavasana.

You might see some brown or yellow traces in the expelled water as a beginner but these are accumulated toxins which are being expelled so do not worry about it.

Tip: As a beginner, you tend to tense up your body. Keep your body relaxed and the whole process will be smooth.

Frequency: Some traditional yoga texts recommend it to be practiced daily. Frequency of practice is controversial but a fortnightly practice will be definitely beneficial or you can practice anytime you feel any kind of discomfort in your digestive area.

Condition: Vaman should be performed on an empty stomach. Hence, performing it in the morning is one of the best options. Otherwise, at least four hours after a meal.

Eating after Vaman

  • The mucus lining is washed away during Vaman. Adding ghee to food helps create a temporary lining.
  • Wait at least for half an hour before eating food
  • Have rice & yellow moong dal khichdi or Dalia with 2-3 teaspoons ghee as the first thing


  • Purifies the food pipe by removing the accumulated toxins
  • Removes the accumulated phlegm from the throat
  • Eradicates bad breath
  • Cold, cough & sinus is taken care of by regular practice of Vaman
  • Helps deal with acidity
  • With the kind & quantity of food and our eating patterns, it may not be possible to digest everything completely. As a result, the undigested particles lie in the bottom of the abdomen and begin to ferment. When we eat next, this residue is mixed with the incoming meal and can pass into intestine and bloodstream causing further contamination.  Regular practice of Vaman works on preventing auto poisoning of the body.
  • Vaman is further recommended in case of asthma patients as it removes the blockages from the respiratory passage. This is recommended even during an asthmatic attack. Expelling the water helps relax the bronchial tube which otherwise gets contracted during an attack.
  • Vaman practice may stop creation of kidney stones by constantly removing the deposits which, when accumulated, leads to the formation of kidney stone.
  • During food poisoning, Vaman can play a crucial role of a lifesaver.


  • Not recommended for someone suffering from hernia of stomach or abdomen, high blood pressure or any kind of heart ailment.