Vyagrasana (Tiger Pose)


Step 1: Assume kneeling position (both the palms and knees on the floor); palms are in line with the shoulders; knees are in line with the thighs; toes are stretching out and resting on the floor.

 Step 2: Stretch your right leg at the back so that it is parallel to the floor.

 Step 3: Bend your right knee and push your right thigh further up; palms or fingers are firmly pressed on the floor.

 Step 4: Inhale, stretch your midsection, chest, shoulders, neck and chin up; maintaining the stretch, slowly drop your head at the back; you are trying to kick your head with the bent knee; hold for few seconds; exhale and while exhaling, move your head down and simultaneously move your bent knee down as well; you are trying to touch your nose to your knee in front of your chest; repeat 10 times and relax in Shashankasana; assume kneeling position and repeat the same movement with the other leg.


  • Helps cure backache and neck ache; strengthens the neck muscles and the arms; mid-section gets good flow of blood
  • One of the most recommended asana for Sciatica.


  • Avoid in case of severe back pain and neck pain; also go slow in case of cervical spondolysis.